A Village Christmas

Imagine a Christmas long before the telly; long before the marketing of Christmas as a gigantic commercial ‘bean feast’.  In every farmstead, in every village, dwellers would have celebrated the festive season with music and song; with dancing and feasting.  Stories would have been told by candlelight by those gathered around the fire and a draught would have been drunk from the wassail bowl to toast the season.

This isn’t the usual Christmas story…

This is the Christmas of the country people; the folk of the Welsh Marches. These are the songs that our forebears would have heard and would have sung with such ‘hwyl’.

A Village Christmas sums up what a cold winter really meant and how Christmas was a time to bring light, life and hope to the working people of the countryside in times gone by ... and what was truly behind the Christmas traditions.

Running time: 2 x 45 mins (plus interval)

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Full tracks: Rejoice all men | While Shepherds Watched

Medley of four tracks:
Sound, Sound Your Instruments… / Shepherds Rejoice / Copper's Christmas Song / Gaudete
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