We Know by the Stars

Imagine a Christmas before the inflatable plastic Santa was invented; before the flashing, LED-illuminated Rudolph and the fibre-optic Christmas tree. Imagine a time of fable, folklore and time-honoured custom, when stories were told by candlelight and, by the glow of the blazing Yuletide brand, those gathered in hearthside’s ease could sing a good old tune in four-part harmony, fine and full.

The Village Quire and actor Phil Smith bring you songs and stories of winter and the festive season, both as biting as any winter’s wind and as warming as any crackling log fire – an older Christmas, more stark, more true, glimpsed in the glimmering light of candle flames.

Running time: 2 x 45 mins (plus interval)

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Full tracks: Rejoice all men | While Shepherds Watched

Medley of four tracks:
Sound, Sound Your Instruments… / Shepherds Rejoice / Copper's Christmas Song / Gaudete
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