Back to the Garden - Leominster Priory, 6 Sept 2014

Where to see the show

Back to the Garden

All Saints' Church, Hereford
HR4 9AA 
Ticket details to be confirmed.
For HMSSG, in support of Herefordshire’s County Museum Service
Back to the Garden

Bishop's Castle
Telephone: 01588 630023
Doors open at 2.30
Tickets £8 can be purchased in advance from the Town Hall
Disabled access via lift
Back to the Garden

The Parish Hall, Aymestrey, Leominster
HR6 9SU 
Tickets £ 10
Ken Holland 01568 770367 or Meg Thorpe 01568 780384

Back to the Garden

Back to the Garden: A new musical story of life and hope in the trenches of war-torn France during the Great War, from the letters of Corporal William Bevan, soldier and gardener.

Beautiful, intensely moving and thought provoking ...
(Maggie Crompton)

In peace time, he occupied the position of Head Gardener at Kinsham Court near Presteigne in north Herefordshire.  Once at the front Bevan corresponded with his employer, Sir John Stanhope Arkwright.  Bevan’s letters to Sir John are a wonderful blend of horticulture and heroism.  He comments on blooms and seedlings that Sir John has sent by post for his inspection, talks about the great plans he has for the new garden at Kinsham Court and then, almost in the same breath, tells of patrols in no man’s land: ‘... I was behind one hedge, then a cottage garden, and Fritz behind the other hedge ...’, and of how he is, ‘slightly gassed’!  Bevan is no shrinking violet and would love to be decorated with the Military Cross, but his dearest wish is to return home to all he holds most dear.

Interwoven with Bevan’s story are two other true accounts: that of Vincent Street, who fought and died on the Western Front, and that of William Anderton who, for reasons of conscience, would not fight at all - one war, three men, three such very different experiences.   Much there was changed by The Great War, the old order of things being swept away during the course of those fateful four years.  How can our hero ever hope to get Back to the Garden?

The Village Quire has a reputation for spine-tingling harmony singing with all the emotional clout, subtlety of expression and love of life that you get when voices are raised together in song.

Phil Smith trained as an actor at E15,only retiring to live in Wales after a long and successful career in the profession, where he decided to take up acting as a hobby!
The new songs and arrangements written by Dave Newell for Back to the Garden are inspired by our rich traditions of folk-harmony singing and West Gallery music.
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